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Wednesday, October 14th

So I woke up today super determined to have a better day than yesterday. Our goal today is to explore the Northern Hunter Valley Wine region. Lots of small but very nice vineyards. I guess I should point out that I am not a wine drinker- I don't like it. It's so...dry! It's kind of like olives- I will try them but I never like them. Ick.

But, I like to go to vineyards- try some, meet the we are heading a little west before we continue south to find 3 of the vineyards on the route.

The first one had a gorgeous front lawn with a gentle hill right above a lake with ducks. Well, I just HAD to roll down the hill. So I did. Listen, if you want the whole story then ask me someyime...cause I haven't laughed so hard in long time. I was much fun!

We tried some wine and then drove to the next one...all in all I found one wine that I could drink. Eh. What was more interesting to me is that at 2 of the vineyards the people that served us the samples admitted to not really liking wine either when I told them I didn't!

We got back on the road after an okay meal at a pub in Denman...and man, the closer we got to the Blue Mountains the more the scenery changed! We are on the mountains- I love it.

We drove on a road called Putty Road and after we passed the first "town" with not even one building on the road that we saw - Candis noticed that we were getting low on gas. So I told her how far away Putty wad and we hoped they would have gas/petrol. Putty had
a town hall that we drove 4k's to see. No petrol. Now we are sweating it. The mountains eat up our gas quicker than nothing else! Will we make it to Colo and will Colo have petrol? We drive for another 30 minutes and we see a sign for food coming up. We don't want food! But it does give us hope...we round a corner going into Colo and....they have Petrol! Thank goodness.

It takes another hour or so to get to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. When we stepped out of the car - the temperature was much colder.

You should have seen Candis move! She ran from the car to the building and then when she came back to the car - she actually put her jeans on IN the car before going into the hostel!!! :)

We are staying for two nights at the Blue Mountain YHA- which is a fantastic hostel in a great location!

We bundled up and braved the cold and shrieking wind tonight to get our first glimpse of the Three Sisters. Amazing.

I can't wait to hike around in this area tomorrow!

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