Monday, October 27, 2008

To the market...

Woke up this morning at 6:30 a.m. and by 7:45 a.m. the fans came on!!! Yea!!! The cyber cafe opens at 8:00 a.m. so we benefit from the generator being turned on for that.
Today was a day that Mary Ann needed to run some errands and I wanted to go by the Assumpta Pastoral Centre. That is where I am planning on staying when we come back here in April to help dig a well. So Mary Ann, Chidinma and I got in the ministry car and headed into the crazy traffic. Basically, picture no rules - you can drive on the right or the left side of the road, even though they do seem to try to stay to the right, sort of. There are people walking across all the time and motorcycles weave in and out all the time. Whew. I don't know how Mary Ann does have to be so aggressive! So we went straight to the bank to make a deposit and you have to go into the bank one at a time...and so Mare and Chidinma went in and then a man ran up to me and told me that someone was taking a tire off of our car!! So I went into the bank to tell Mare, so she and Chidinma went out and argued with the guys for awhile but the only way they would give the tire back was if she paid a fine. I've seen this happen in Nashville...but it's a little more difficult here.
So after they put the tire back on - we went to the Assumpta Pastoral Centre. It is beautiful!!! We will actually have running water(cold but running) with toilets and showers! There are bed nets over each bed and fans...but the landscape is gorgeous.
From there we went to the post office and then the market.
Mare wanted Chidinma to make egg stew with fish for us for lunch - so we got all the supplies. The market is just a huge collection of people selling meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, clothing and so much more!!! Trash is all over the ground and cars and motorcycles are driving through some of the streets, so you have to constantly watch where you are walking. But I loved it. It was so alive and every other person yelled out “white person” or something in English and I got another marriage proposal yelled across the way. Chidinma got a fish, tomato paste, curry spices and then we were on our way home! The traffic was pretty backed up so it took us awhile to get back home but then she started to cook for us.

Now I don’t know if many of you realize that there is very little refrigeration here. So you have to buy the food you need for a day or two and then go shopping again. Most stuff doesn’t last very long either because there are so few preservatives. So we ate her lunch at 2:30 and then ate the rest of it tonight…It was sooo yummy though. Fried Yams, Fried Plantains along with fried fish and egg stew…spicy and so good.

After that we had chapel on the 2nd floor of the ministry. Any students that are around come and the Vice president of the ministry leads it. Today was prayer time…which ended up being mainly about me. They sing a song called “ you are welcome in this place” which they sang at church yesterday and then again today in chapel and all the students came around and shook my hand… I had to cover my head again for this.

For the rest of this afternoon Mary Ann and I have read, discussed life, the Holy Spirit and the faith culture in Nigeria. Then we watched a movie on Netflix. Mare hasn't seen many movies recently...we got almost all the way through "Superbad" (maybe not the best choice of a movie) until the last 10 minutes and then the internet connection stopped. Oh well.

I've enjoyed our evening she is falling asleep waiting for me to finish on here so she can write her blog as well...

Oh - we are heading out of town for a night - so prayers for our travel!

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