Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Letting go...

How much of life is about letting go? I feel like I am learning how to let go all the time.

I have been planning on running in the Country Music 1/2 marathon all year. I've run it the past 4 nothing new about that plan.

But the difference this year is that I have had two major surgeries on my feet. But the 1/2 marathon in Nashville was like a goal, a beacon if you will, for me to focus toward throughout all the months that I couldn't even walk.

I signed up for this marathon two weeks ago and encouraged other friends of mine here in Pensacola to sign up as well. (Which means that I have a 1/2 marathon registration that I would love to sell to someone).

And now I am not running it.

I am not ready. This second surgery has taken longer to recover from. I've had trouble with my ankle and calf too. And if I am honest the first foot has toes that are moving back to where they were pre-surgery. Yeah. Good times.

But I will run again. I actually did today. The first time since December 19th. A little over a mile...took me about 12 minutes...nice and slow.

I loved it. And my foot and ankle are doing fine.

The Country Music 1/2 marathon was the first long run that I ever did. And I would like to run it as long as I can get there and can run. But not this year.

Letting go.


Mare said...

egh, got to be hard.

Proud of you.

Anonymous said...

It is often when we feel our weakest that God will most shape and change us into His Image. Letting Go sucks but is often for our benefit. Just trust Him that there is purpose in this let down and believe He will reveal that to you in time. I love you and my heart breaks when you are let down.. Sandi Blank

Julia said...

I know you are struggling with healing, it is definitely hard sometimes.

I guess to me there is always letting go, in one form or another, but the good news is that a few months are only a minuscule part of life.

I am cheering for ya all the way.

Love you.